Contrade San Paolino

Associazione di rievocazione storica di Lucca

2018-05-27 09:00:00 +0000 -

A dive in the past with reenactment of a medieval village inside the Lucca walls with live performances, cultural events, exhibitions and gastronomy. This is the third edition of one of the fastest growing events of the last years in Lucca, that is attracting people from all the tuscany but also the rest of peninsula.

This year the exhibition will take place in Piazzale Verdi, on the green field area on the left after entering the walls, on the weekend of 2-3 June. Here you will always find the medieval village curated by 6 different reenactment associations, where you can see the equipment of many types: armors, helmets, swords, bows and even heavy crossbows, a tradition of italian city defense before the gunpowder invention. You fill also find many craftspeople exhibiting their mastery on making unique pieces with iron and leather.

During the two days, we have scheduled a bunch of live performances held by people with their own very particular skills: fire manipulation, falconry, drums parades, flags throwing, dancing and medieval combat. On Sunday there is a crossbow competition between the crossbowers of the city of Lucca, where each Contrada try to win a painting made by a local artist.

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Saturday 2 June

Sunday 3 June

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